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popcorn brittle

Yum.  Crunchy, sweet, salty and then chocolaty!  I made these treats and they were a hit with mostly me, Mark and Jack (Andy’s friends) and my sis in law Linda.  She kept telling Patrick that they were good “Patrick this is good!”  but sadly he refuses to enjoy popcorn in any form.  I happen to…
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pumpkin cupcakes

It was an impromptu gathering and I happen to have some chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer but as usual wanted a non-chocolate option.  It was 5:30 and friends were coming at 6:30 – so it had to be fast and easy.  Ina Garten to the rescue.  These were so easy, so yummy, and…
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classic home desserts

I love Richard Sax’s cookbook!  He devoted more than a decade to searching out and perfecting 350 of the world’s best and most beloved home desserts. Everything is here: cobblers and crisps, cakes and cookies, puddings and soufflés, pies and pastries, ice creams and sauces.  Winner of a James Beard Award and a Julia Child Award!

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baking time

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chocolate ice cream milkshake

So Greg had his appendix taken out!  He didn’t eat 2 days prior to the surgery and the day after.  Already lean, I was willing to make anything for him.  Chocolate ice cream milkshake was what he wanted so off I went to find a good recipe.  This was delicious.  I actually haven’t made a…
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Smitten Kitchen
smitten kitchen

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pumpkin-banana bread (healthier)

This is good – a great seasonal bread and another alternative when you have some browning bananas hanging out on your counter.  When I read this recipe I thought I finally found something Greg would happily eat in the morning before school.  I made several different loaves – some with semisweet chocolate, some with milk, and…
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apple cake with cinnamon apple chunks

With cinnamon coated apple chunks in the middle and on the bottom this cake is just perfect for this time of year.  Super moist, super tasty and very apple-y.  So easy too.  I’ve been searching for cakes to make with the use of fresh apples (not applesauce) and I finally found a good one after…
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ghiradelli caramel cookies

“Now this is a good cookie” Judy said very calmly and matter of fact.  Beth agreed and both said blogworthy, but I already knew that. Sylvie was bummed that she didn’t get a taste – so I made a few more as she went out to her double header.  While she was gone, well, I…
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lemon poppy angel food cake

Finally!  A blog-worthy treat!  It has been one dry, sweetless period – and not for lack of effort.  Decided to go back to Lauri Chattman and her Cake Keeper Cakes for a shot at success.  I picked this angel food because I knew our friend Mike would like something lemony and that Jodi would appreciate…
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Mixed Berry Pavlova
mixed berry pavlova

This was so good that I completely forgot to take a photo!  But not to worry, photos on the Smitten Kitchen site for you to enjoy.  I made this a while ago – and kept thinking I would make again to photograph and share – but the summer is almost over and I don’t want…
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peach cake revisited

I have these delicious peaches – I mean the best peaches.  With that in mind, I searched and searched for a new and delicious recipe for My Sister’s Place.  I found one, I baked and baked and oh gosh – I fumbled.  Big time.  Not sure I screwed up or if it was the recipe…
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pumpkin waffles

After about two years of eating the same healthy pancakes, Andy finally tired of them.  Eager to find him a new healthy breakfast, I perused many books and eventually found these scrumptious waffles.  Filled with good things like flax-seed, pumpkin, eggs, milk, and ground walnuts (that you don’t even taste) – these keep Andy running…
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sour cream crumb cake

So easy, so simple, so enjoyable.  This cake isn’t fancy – and doesn’t have any embellishments, but boy it is good!  Sweet and tender, with a melt in your mouth texture – it is addictive.  The crumb top doesn’t hurt (it never does).  Matt and Jamie loved this – they devoured it.  (In fact Jamie…
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best darn sugar cookies

So my friends daughter broke her arm again.  Pins this time.  And because I do believe that cookies have curative powers (at least while you are actively eating them) I asked Liz what Lucy’s favorite cookie was.  I figured it would be choc chip, or brownies or my meringue cookies.  But no, Lucy’s fave is…
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one bowl chocolate, espresso, and white choc chunk brownies

Gosh I made these sooo long ago – and have been just too lazy to write them up – and I’m sorry because they are delicious.  Really really scrumptious, rich, moist, fudge-like, decadent and well – truly different from other brownies.  And oh, they freeze really well.  Crazy well.  I served them recently (from the…
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matzoh candy (caramel, salty goodness)

Re-posting this from 2 years ago.  So good! Many of my friends (and kids friends) keep Passover, so I wanted to try this recipe that I’ve heard about throughout the years.  I like the idea of a handy treat for those who celebrate.  My friend Stephanie happily shared the recipe from her “Passover Stuff” book and I must…
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lemon curd cake

Loved this cake!  Like an angel food that has been compressed and moistened and bathed in luscious lemony goodness.  Rob and I both loved this – and our company did too.  Served it with macerated raspberries and freshly whipped cream, well, delightful.  This takes a little bit more effort since you have to make the…
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bittersweet chocolate flourless cake

This flourless chocolate cake is so good – moist, light, rich (I know that doesn’t make sense, but it is oddly true) and chocolatey.  Intensely chocolatey.  The lightness comes from the egg whites that are folded in at the end, and the chocolate, from the bittersweet chocolate.  Just a few ingredients but the result is wow. …
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creamsicle cookies

Baked again for My Sister’s Place — and decided to once again make a cookie.  These are flecked with orange zest and taste fresh and bright.  The white chocolate sweetens them up and adds another scrumptious dimension.  Greg had one and said, “hmmm, good mom!”  He had another the next day (cuz he never eats…
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guittard choc chip cookie

The first time I baked these Andy said, “These are the best chocolate chip cookies of all time!”  The second time (tonight) I surprised him by making them on the DL and boy, the delight on his face – it reminded me when he was two as his eyes lit up when Sylvie was born….
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fudge chocolate cookies w/white chips

Yum.  As always – it seems that whenever you mix chocolate with butter and a few other ingredients the result is always delicious.  Always.  These tempting cookies were so up my alley.  I know I’m in the minority with my like of white chocolate.  But I do like it a lot.    Well, only GOOD…
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