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pumpkin-banana bread (healthier)

This is good – a great seasonal bread and another alternative when you have some browning bananas hanging out on your counter.  When I read this recipe I thought I finally found something Greg would happily eat in the morning before school.  I made several different loaves – some with semisweet chocolate, some with milk, and…
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apple cake with cinnamon apple chunks

With cinnamon coated apple chunks in the middle and on the bottom this cake is just perfect for this time of year.  Super moist, super tasty and very apple-y.  So easy too.  I’ve been searching for cakes to make with the use of fresh apples (not applesauce) and I finally found a good one after…
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ghiradelli caramel cookies

“Now this is a good cookie” Judy said very calmly and matter of fact.  Beth agreed and both said blogworthy, but I already knew that. Sylvie was bummed that she didn’t get a taste – so I made a few more as she went out to her double header.  While she was gone, well, I…
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