• Cook with Love and Kosher Salt


Use salt! I prefer kosher salt - Diamond Crystal. It is easy on your palate. I like salt in most desserts – even just a pinch!

baking tips

salt If you are sensitive to salt, then pull it from the recipe.  And if using table salt (but try not to!) use a bit less than the recipe calls for.  If you are looking for a fine sea salt, try Malden – it is great with caramels and a lovely flake. Pin It

chocolate bundt cake

I really really liked this cake a lot.  A lot a lot.  I don’t usually love plain old chocolate cake but I must say again…liked it a lot!  Rob said “good cake!” and he is a hard one to please in that his cake should be moist, rich with chocolate flavor and well – that’s…
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things i love

Chocolations I love Chocolations in Mamaroneck.  Combine high quality chocolate, a warm and generous owner and chocolate maker, great staff and decent prices… well, what’s not to love?  They have so many delicious shaped chocolates (you can order almost any shape you want), barks, truffles and dipped yumminess that it is hard to pick.  I…
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chocolate brownie pie (flourless)

If the previous dense flourless cake didn’t float your boat, or if you are afraid of the water bath – then try this is instead.   Light and fluffy this  flourless brownie cake is simple to throw together and although less dense, brimming with chocolate flavor.  Use as a base for ice cream and I…
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flour-less chocolate cake (la bete noire)

The black beast lives up to its name.  Great for Passover – or really anytime (I made it for Rob’s birthday).  This cake is delicious, rich and satisfying.  It may seem daunting for a second (the water bath and layers of foil) but it is really easy.  Don’t be afraid and try.  I followed the…
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Try to bring eggs to room temperature when possible.  Place on counter 30-60 minutes before you bake. If you forgot then place eggs in a bowl of warm water for 5-10 minutes. Use large eggs in most recipes – or what is specified. When you add sugar to eggs or especially egg yolks, you need to mix…
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oreo ice cream (not exactly homemade btw)

Growing up I was always looking for sweets to eat.  Unlike my brother who could manage his dessert quantities, I could not.  My mom took to hiding the goodies which resulted in my own secret treasure hunt when I was alone in the house.  Or picking on all the sweets that were not hidden.  The…
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