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gingerbread cake

This was good – “addictive” Sylvie said as she and I stood over the pan taking mini chunks with our fingers.  Filled with seasonal spices – this dark and smooth cake is a winner for the holidays.  (I know I’m a little late!)   Very simple and easy to make – this is a good one to bake with the kids.  No mixer – just a 2 bowls and voila – you are done!  You can serve it in the afternoon for a snack, or dress it up in the evening with home made whipped cream and maybe some roasted pears.  Oh, and while it is baking the house will smell divine.  Once Upon a Chef just posted this and it is worth a look and sample.  Enjoy –

gingerbread cake

From Once Upon a Chef – click here for the link and recipe.  The only advice I have is to line the pans with foil, and butter.  Or, parchment paper as it is easier to get the cake out and I get lazy about butter and flour.

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