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Meet Lisi

About Me

I grew up around delicious food.

My mom is and was a wonderful baker (and cook).  But she was so freakishly neat and tidy that I never could really get in there with her.  I was allowed to stir in chips and nuts, chat, and of course lick spoons but I never really baked.  But after college I went to cooking school at The Cordon Bleu and finally learned.  I worked first at a bakery outside of Boston under Rick Katz who currently owns Picco in Boston.  He valued great taste over presentation – and his philosophy was to do everything by hand.  I moved on to the Boston Harbor Hotel where I learned more institutional techniques.  And after that I moved to NYC and worked for Bobby Flay as a pastry cook at Mesa Grill and Bolo.  But I got sidetracked – raising my three kids.  It’s been 18 years since I’ve worked in a professional kitchen – but I haven’t stopped baking. I bake for charities, friends, acquaintances, various school events, and of course for my family.  You name it – I will bake for it.

Baking relaxes me.  It is either a blog or a dog – and since my husband isn’t on that page with me yet, I will blog for now.  Maybe one day I’ll have both!  (Quick update – I do have a dog!!)  I’m writing this blog mostly because I want a place to record and reference my favorite recipes (I will only post sweets that I recommend) and test new recipes that I never seem to make time for.  A place to tell my friends (and kids one day) “the recipe for that’s in my blog.”  My strength seems to be in execution – over creation (although I tweak most recipes – some more than others.)  I am not a great writer and I am a novice photographer – but I am still very excited to start and call the blog my own.  I really hope you like it and become inspired to bake.

Oh, and if you are not inspired to bake yourself and live in my area, I’m happy to bake for you.  Especially my meringue cookies which I have yet to put on the blog (maybe one day).  So email me if you’d like some help.

Things I Really Love

I bake to support the efforts of My Sisters’ Place.

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