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coconut macaroons

It’s been a long time.  Too long.  Pain in my feet is the root of my inactivity and although it persists I am just going to bake, donate and blog because I miss it! Made delicious little golden nuggets of coconut filled joy yesterday.  These little gems were so good – so flavorful, moist, and…
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caramel apple jam

Thanks mom for sending me this recipe! MMMMmmmm….so delicious and warm and soothing and inviting.  Funny for a “jam” to be all that but it is!  Caramel, vanilla, and apples delightfully and simply combined.  Warm this up and pour over some vanilla ice cream and you have a winner.  Equally good on the savory side…
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NOEMA chocolate

This chocolate is made without peanut, tree nuts, dairy, egg, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish, as well as sesame.  NOEMA stands for None Of the Eight Major Allergens.  You can be worry free if you or your family suffers with allergies.  The equipment is brand new and has never touched any of the ingredients above. Check…
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coconut mounds (the best ever) (dairy and gluten free btw)

Loved these!  We all did – even those of us who don’t love coconut (including me, although I think I may have moved over into the like category.)  Judy and Marco really enjoyed – and she is a true coconut aficionado.  Alice Medrich calls these New Classic Coconut Macaroons because she recreated the recipe with…
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So John said they are better than the box!

pancakes (protein packed and gluten and dairy free) revisited

So John said they are better than the box!!!  Success- Same recipe as yesterday…but got my taster here for the true test… Happy New Year! Pin It

pancakes (protein packed and gluten and dairy free!)

Yummy yummy yum!  I’m so happy these came out great the second time I made them.  Andy, Sylvie and Rob fight over these little guys and I love it because they are filled with goodness.  No flour, no dairy, low sugar, and packed with protein these are perfect if you (or your family or guests)…
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nutella fudge mini-cupcakes

Splendid little nuggets of goodness.  I mean ri-dic-u-lous!  If you are a Nutella fan then these are for you!!  Sylvie and I ate these right up.  I’m hoping Nutella fan Cousin Daniel did too (sent him a package).  If you are Nutella lover, try this recipe!  Nutella, eggs, flour and salt make Nutella flavored magic….
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(very moist) orange cake

100 percent happiness – we all LOVED this orange flavored cake.  Really a new favorite in our house!  As I nibbled and watched my family enjoying… sighing, smiling, making mmm noises, and Sylvie licking the crumbs off her plate…well, life seemed very good and simple that moment.  When I saw that this cake featured olive oil, I was…
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