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top 20 crowd pleasers to date

This was supposed to be a top 10 list but I just cannot do it.  Can’t pick 10 and can’t be “favorites” since I have waaay too many!

So I narrowed it down to 50 crowd pleasers which was already terrifically hard to do.  Went back again and got it down to 30.  Then Rob started slashing and cutting here and there and everywhere.  He said I should really have a top 10 – but we compromised at 20.  Remember, crowd pleasers.  Can’t put jeweled winter soup or pomegranate grapefruit sorbet on the list even though I love them both – because I do know that these sweets are not for everyone.  But the following 20 are sure to be a hit with most family and friends.  I promise.  (Well, I hope!)

The list is un-ranked and in random order.  The orange cake which is last is just as much a crowd pleaser as the buttermilk chocolate cookies which are first.

Oh, and if you click on the highlighted dessert – you will be directed to the post.

buttermilk chocolate cookies
banana streusel cake
blue cornmeal biscotti
ginger cookies
crystal almond pound cake
mom’s candied bacon
blueberry cake with crumb topping
brownie pudding
oatmeal cinnamon pancakes
gingerbread pudding cake
heartland turtle bars
favorite fudgy brownies
rocky road cookie bark
chocolate covered peeps
dark chocolate sorbet
quick and easy banana bread
cranberry apple crisp
luscious lemon pound cake
brown butter cookies
orange cake

Sylvie just read this and said I must add the following: berry boy baitcaramelized bananassummer fruit crumble, chocolate chunk Rice Krispie treats, and danish pancakes.  So I get to sneak in an extra five.

Aunty Linda is here and says we must add the Nutella-swirl pound cake too.  And just now (after my post) my most faithful reader, baker, recipe tester  (Rachel) just commented that I cannot forget the Nutella fudge mini cupcakes or the blondies.  And now I’m done!

Please don’t ignore the other sweets though.  I recommend all of them.  I know I’m repeating myself.  I’m aware.

Oh, and please please don’t forget to read through the baking tips again (even if you think you know it all).  Especially instructions on measuring flour and softening butter.  I find that I learn something new almost every time I read a new cookbook.  Or I get reminded of something that I forgot when I re-read an old one.

Enjoy and happy baking and happy happy New Year!

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  1. Shari

    9 years ago

    And thank you for sharing all of YOUR favorites…even if it does wind up being 50 🙂 Happy New Year to THE one and only Lisi of Lisi’s Luscious Desserts…and all subscribers!

  2. Rachel

    9 years ago

    What? No Blondies? No Nutella Mini Cupcakes? 🙂 They’re all good, is what you’re really saying, Lisi. Otherwise they wouldn’t be on this blog. Here’s to a hundred more “goodies” in 2011! Let’s get pre-heated . . .


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