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ice cream cake (using a failure)

What a megaflop (Sylvie’s word)!  But no worries…you can easily turn a calamity into a triumph (again, she’s using the thesaurus).  On Sunday, Sylvie and I decided to bake together.  I directed, she executed, and we were happy with the scents and smells of rich chocolate filling the kitchen.  We were all smiles until the little brownie…
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seven-layer bars

Serious scrumptiousness.  Rich, sweet and addictive.  Seven layers of delight. I can’t stop picking at them.  I keep talking to myself, oh, I’ll just have a nibble even though it is 10 AM, then oh, what’s another little sliver at noon (before lunch is big for me), then another sliver around 4 and before I…
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chocolate chip crumb cake

It was Zach’s birthday and we decided that we should all sing and celebrate together.  And although Jodi told me repeatedly that I didn’t have to bake (Lauren made a cake at a bday party that she would bring), I really wanted to because Zach (and Lauren) are probably my biggest fans.  I whipped this…
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