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banana oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies

“Mmmmm…..perfecto” Greg exclaimed after eating one of these DELICIOUS cookies.  He’s not one to exclaim loudly – but this time he did!  Sylvie said this is “the best ever!”  And Andy too, said “really good” and as usual…”can I please have another?  Please?”  I was being stingy because these were for the kids at My…
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pumpkin loaf with whole grains and olive oil

This was really good.  Better than the photo – since the color looks off (sorry!)  Moist, pumpkiny and full of goodness.  I do love a healthy sweet snack and my kids did too!  All of them.  Andy loved this fresh baked and gooey out of the oven.  Greg, Sylvie and Rob all said good –…
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chocolate decadence cake

Chocolate chocolate decadence.  Delicious, delightful and rich.  Rob loved it and was thankful for a chocolate dessert in the midst of summer crisps and cobblers.  The kids too I think, unless I’m making that up.  (Made this a long time ago and lost my notes!)  I was a bit lazy this summer…my vertigo was mostly…
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