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So John said they are better than the box!

pancakes (protein packed and gluten and dairy free) revisited

So John said they are better than the box!!!  Success- Same recipe as yesterday…but got my taster here for the true test… Happy New Year! Pin It

pancakes (protein packed and gluten and dairy free!)

Yummy yummy yum!  I’m so happy these came out great the second time I made them.  Andy, Sylvie and Rob fight over these little guys and I love it because they are filled with goodness.  No flour, no dairy, low sugar, and packed with protein these are perfect if you (or your family or guests)…
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thumbprint cookies

Since I missed Christmas (almost) and we are in the midst of Hanukkah, I think you should make these for New Years!  Festive and bright these little gems will lighten up your cookie platter and offer something to those poor non chocolate lovers.  You’ve had these before and you know what they taste like.  You…
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chocolate banana muffins

These were really yummy.  They are called muffins, but really more like mini chocolate banana cakes.  Moist and super tasty, these were a hit with all.  Even those who don’t love banana liked these little guys.  It took Sylvie a while before she could taste the banana, but my friend Suzanne said her girls knew…
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