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momofukus butter cake bars

OK, so these bars were interestingly good which I know can be a shaky description.  But read on.  Karen LOVED LOVED LOVED them.  Effusive.  Rob liked them saying if you like custard they are right up your alley.  Someone also said that the inside looked like snot which is not so nice…but gave us a…
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milk chocolate cookies

Yeah yeah another chocolate chip cookie.  I know, too many on the site, but I can’t help it!  I love them.  And I love these.  Everyone did.  Less sweet than normal chocolate chippers (to balance the milk chocolate) these are supremely addictive.  And when you over treat yourself, you don’t feel as sick!  These are…
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Toll House kookie brittle

Yummy!!!  Crunchy, buttery, chocolaty, salty and nutty – well, that says it all!  A shortbread version of a Toll House Cookie.  Without eggs and a bit less sweet this is a great alternative to the classic cookie.  So VERY easy to make, and pretty to look at – another great choice for a cookie platter…
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