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robert’s chocolate cookies (bittersweet)

Dark, rich, and decadent and made with big chunks of bittersweet chocolate — these cookies are for serious chocolate lovers only.  I needed a good solid chocolate sweet to go with all my fruity desserts the other night.  I scoured my books and blogs and finally decided on a recipe from Alice Medrich’s Cookies and…
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raspberry crisp

Raspberries, raspberries, raspberries.  If you like them – you will LOVE this.  This one speaks summer.  Tasty, simple, and not too sweet this is a perfect ending to a summer dinner.  Serve with barely sweetened freshly whipped cream and swirl any leftovers into vanilla ice cream for a berry streusel ice cream.  Yum!  Really, yummy….
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yellow cupcakes

So yummy!  Hanna said “Lisi, I never ever like cupcakes and I actually like these!!”  Sylvie and I agreed 100 percent.  And mind you – this tasting was w/out the icing.  Sylvie picked this recipe — eager to bake from this very pretty decorating book called Hello, Cupcake!  We were baking for My Sister’s Place…
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