• Cook with Love and Kosher Salt


pecan, cranberry, white chocolate oatmeal cookies (with a dash of sea salt)

These cookies are my new favorite non chocolate cookie.  Seriously crispy yet textured with nutty nuts, sweet white chocolate, oatmeal and tart cranberries – all I can do from eating them is to give them away!  I just gave some to Karen – well, to her 14 year-old student (visiting from France) who broke his…
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simple pumpkin cookies

Light and airy — this simple pumpkin cookie was an easy hit.  Jason was coming over and I needed a non-chocolate sweet for him.  I looked through my To Bake file and decided to try these cookies.  Sylvie loved the cake-like consistency.  And said, “blogworthy mom.”  Andy exclaimed – “so good!” and Jason mmm…ed and…
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