• Cook with Love and Kosher Salt


chocolate molten cookies

Rob said, “this is a good cookie” after taking his first bite of these special nuggets.  And he repeated it over and over again each time I baked them off.   Pure chocolate.  Dark, rich and if eaten the day they are made, are yes, truly molten.  (Following days just pop in micro for 4…
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brown butter snickerdoodles (forgot to take a picture! so you get rondo instead)

“These are soooooo good!  Soooo good” Sylvie repeats again and again as she continually samples these cookies.  And they are!  I’m normally of the snickerdoodle is boring school – but the brown butter in these add a new nuttiness (with out actual nuts) to the flavor.  The cookie is much more appealing to me now,…
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