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matzoh candy (caramel, salty goodness)

Re-posting this from 2 years ago.  So good! Many of my friends (and kids friends) keep Passover, so I wanted to try this recipe that I’ve heard about throughout the years.  I like the idea of a handy treat for those who celebrate.  My friend Stephanie happily shared the recipe from her “Passover Stuff” book and I must…
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lemon curd cake

Loved this cake!  Like an angel food that has been compressed and moistened and bathed in luscious lemony goodness.  Rob and I both loved this – and our company did too.  Served it with macerated raspberries and freshly whipped cream, well, delightful.  This takes a little bit more effort since you have to make the…
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bittersweet chocolate flourless cake

This flourless chocolate cake is so good – moist, light, rich (I know that doesn’t make sense, but it is oddly true) and chocolatey.  Intensely chocolatey.  The lightness comes from the egg whites that are folded in at the end, and the chocolate, from the bittersweet chocolate.  Just a few ingredients but the result is wow. …
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