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pumpkin cupcakes

It was an impromptu gathering and I happen to have some chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer but as usual wanted a non-chocolate option.  It was 5:30 and friends were coming at 6:30 – so it had to be fast and easy.  Ina Garten to the rescue.  These were so easy, so yummy, and…
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classic home desserts

I love Richard Sax’s cookbook!  He devoted more than a decade to searching out and perfecting 350 of the world’s best and most beloved home desserts. Everything is here: cobblers and crisps, cakes and cookies, puddings and soufflés, pies and pastries, ice creams and sauces.  Winner of a James Beard Award and a Julia Child Award!

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Check often and before it is supposed to be done.

baking time

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chocolate ice cream milkshake

So Greg had his appendix taken out!  He didn’t eat 2 days prior to the surgery and the day after.  Already lean, I was willing to make anything for him.  Chocolate ice cream milkshake was what he wanted so off I went to find a good recipe.  This was delicious.  I actually haven’t made a…
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