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chocolate covered pretzels

Another love – the chocolate covered pretzels from Enjou Chocolate.  These are my favorites because the chocolate is sooooo good and the pretzels are firm and fresh.  And although dipped generously, it is not overdone.  As usual, pricey – but def worth it! You can find them here.     Pin It

Taste batters. Just a little. You may have forgotten the sugar - or something else and when you taste it - you will realize and can save the cake/brownie/cookie etc!

baking smart:

Pre-heat oven and let it reach baking temperature for best results.  Try to bake using the upper and lower thirds of the oven racks.  And remember it is best to rotate baked goods halfway through cooking. Taste batters.  Just a little.  You may have forgotten the sugar – or something else and when you taste it –…
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banana crepes

As soon as I have a rolled up crepe I will post the photo and probably a video to help you make them – to see how easy they are. Andy Andy Andy – it is all about Andy and breakfast.  The other day I was kvetching to Melissa that he was so grumbly that…
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things i love – chocolate drizzled pop corn

So I make this myself and I love love love it.  But I know that many don’t feel like tempering chocolate so this makes it easy…buying it! Stever’s (they make those ridiculous marshmallows) makes an awesome drizzle popcorn.  First, the popcorn is fresh which is important.  Second, the milk chocolate is just so tasty and…
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Always peek at the recipe the day before you plan to bake it. Double check that you have all the ingredients in your pantry or refrigerator because for some reason it is extra annoying to rush out right before you bake. (At least I feel that way.)

be prepared

Before you bake (on the same day) – read the recipe again and set up ingredients.  This is called mise en place and in French it means everything in position.  That way you won’t forget to add ingredients because they will be weighed and measured and on the counter – in front of you.  This will also…
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guittard superchips

I love these chips.  My sis in law Kathy introduced us (me and chip) about a year and a half ago.  They are bigger than a Nestle chip, but flatter and stay softer in baked goods.  But I do love Nestle and Ghiradelli and many more! I searched the web (because I can’t find them…
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super s’more crisps

Sweet, marshmallowy, graham crackery and full of rich milk chocolate – these are quite good!  I found myself muttering “ridiculous, ridiculous”  as I kept going back for another bite and another.  I could not stop.  Obviously not a hit with Rob – my bittersweet chocolate loving spouse – but everyone else in the house loved them….
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