• Cook with Love and Kosher Salt


Use bar chocolate for melting and use your chocolate chips for chocolate chips. Sounds obvious I know. Melt chocolate gently. As gently as you can. Melt it, do not cook it.

baking tip

This is true with all chocolates, but especially important with milk and white chocolates because these chocolates burn more easily than dark. Store chocolate in a cool, dry place.  Wrap it in foil once you have opened it.  You can freeze chocolate if you buy in bulk.  Bake chocolate cookies on parchment (versus the baking sheet) to…
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steel cut oats (the very best) don’t skip

Never ever ate any kind of hot cereal as a child, wanted to like it in my 30’s, enjoyed it in my 40’s but wow…at 47 I have found the exact hot cereal (n my case steel cut oats) that I craved (and didn’t even know I was craving it!)   I didn’t know that…
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brownies (another!) award winning

Enough is enough – I know – too many brownies.  I’m well aware that this is my 10th or 12th brownie recipe but I just love brownies.  I happen to love the guys from Baked and all of their books and recipes and stories.  So it makes sense that this recipe caught my eye.  I…
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NOEMA chocolate

This chocolate is made without peanut, tree nuts, dairy, egg, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish, as well as sesame.  NOEMA stands for None Of the Eight Major Allergens.  You can be worry free if you or your family suffers with allergies.  The equipment is brand new and has never touched any of the ingredients above. Check…
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