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blueberry sugar-cookie crisp

This recipe caught my eye big time!  Never saw sugar cookie crisp topping so I was thrilled (well, that word may be too strong) but excited to try this out.  Sweet success.  I knew it when I saw it.  It came from Oprah who is often right about “favorite things”.   The bottoms is a…
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baking tip

baking smart Pre-heat oven and let it reach baking temperature for best results.  Try to bake using the upper and lower thirds of the oven racks.  And remember it is best to rotate baked goods halfway through cooking. Pin It

peach cobbler (simple)

Ohmygoodness did I love love love this!  Just delightful.  Made this for Greg but he ended up not even trying it!  Crazy kid.  This is the simplest recipe and produces such a delicious result.  Perfect right now because the peaches are perfect lately (at least mine are!)  I really don’t have much more to say…
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