• Cook with Love and Kosher Salt


grapefruit cake

More citrus tasting that grapefruit so please don’t shy away. DELICIOUS!  Moist, flavorful, sweet and yummy.   So good.  Soo good.  Really.  Equally loved by me, Andy, Sylvie, Charlotte, and Danika.  Rave reviews from all and oh, Will and Jason too!  Melissa found them wrestling over what they thought was the last piece and became…
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vanilla layer cake…easy easy and yes, a little lopsided

So good.  So so good and full of warm vanilla flavor.  This was perfect in the middle of January and the freezing cold.  Coming home to a piece of pretty cake, light and airy and bright.  Made me think of Spring (until I put all the white snowflakes on it!)  Anyway, I love, love, love…
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chocolate pecan (ground up) torte

Oh, so scrumptious and rich and chocolaty and a new love affair with my ice cream!  This torte is worth every calorie.  Dense and moist with it’s curious texture (ground pecans), this one surprised me.  Rob loved it and so did friends.  This, with his chocolate sorbet turns his lips brown and smiling.  And me…
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