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things i love – Lilac Chocolate All American Bar

All  American Bars from Li-Lac Chocolates.

These are delicious.  Beyond good.  Greg and I have taste tested many or these bars often called “all american bars” or “s’mores” or “marshmallow bars” and well, these ones from Li-Lac Chocolate win.  There is something about the marshmallow,  it is light, fluffy and moist and not cloyingly sweet.  The chocolate is so delicate – thinly coated and therefore not overbearing.  It’s as if they dipped these in chocolate and shook vigorously to get rid of the excess chocolate  (and normally I like excess!)

As mentioned – Greg loves these very much.  So much that I kind of hide them from Andy and Sylvie so he gets to eat the bulk of them.  I can’t help it since he is so particular these days and it is nice to see him indulge.  Although only a half at a time for him.

These bars are pricey.  Very pricey so save for a special event or a special someone.  You can order on-line and they have a nice small shop in Grand Central as well as the West Village.

Again, I’m not making any money here – I’m just sharing some of the good stuff!


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