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apple pan tart (simple)

Soooo easy, so simple, so apple-y, so flakey (the crust) so moist… just scrumptious.  Served this tart the other evening and friends Jason and Trent were ecstatic.  Well, that may be too strong of a word, but for grown men, they were all smiles.  I’m so happy I finally made an apple tart worth posting….
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things i love – Lilac Chocolate All American Bar

All  American Bars from Li-Lac Chocolates. These are delicious.  Beyond good.  Greg and I have taste tested many or these bars often called “all american bars” or “s’mores” or “marshmallow bars” and well, these ones from Li-Lac Chocolate win.  There is something about the marshmallow,  it is light, fluffy and moist and not cloyingly sweet.  The…
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things i love!

Stevers Candies chocolate marshmallows.  These are scrumptious!  Truly.  A family fave. Eyes light up when I bring these gems out for company.  Friends eagerly ask “did you make these!?”  I reluctantly tell the truth and say no…I didn’t, but they are better than any candy I could ever make. I often order gift boxes for…
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newest treat

New puppy Rondo!  Had to share…pumpkin and butter jam cookies are coming up next. Pin It

top 20 crowd pleasers to date

This was supposed to be a top 10 list but I just cannot do it.  Can’t pick 10 and can’t be “favorites” since I have waaay too many! So I narrowed it down to 50 crowd pleasers which was already terrifically hard to do.  Went back again and got it down to 30.  Then Rob…
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